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Jewish Community Grants provides grant writing services and experience in acquiring the homeland security and other grants for Non-Profits around the United States

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Jewish Community Grants is a national expert in Grant Writing.
With a decade of experience in the security grant sector,
we know how to get it DONE.

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20+ Years of Experience

Our Grant Management Team has worked to monitor, interpret and measure community response to a broad range of domestic and international issues focused on the pursuit of ensuring the safety and security of Jews worldwide, and has assisted in developing organizational responses to those issues.

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Strategic Execution

Our Team and Grant Management Team served as the Miami-based community liaison to the State and quickly became a national expert providing guidance to those hoping to obtain this grant

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Practical Solutions

Our Grant Management Team is well-versed in the development and management of programs, including agenda planning and execution, development of educational materials and notes, recruitment of speakers and attendees, and preparation of promotional materials.

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About us


We are experienced in creating issues briefings and alerts for the community; assisting in the planning and staffing of community-wide events; facilitating grant-writing and grant writing workshops; engaging volunteers in programs and develop relationships with individuals and organizations in the Jewish community and beyond. With a passion for Jewish culture, Jewish Identity, International and Middle East politics, public policy and community outreach.

Our Grant Management Team has shown a tremendous capacity in understanding the issues at hand here in Florida, in Israel and around the Jewish world.

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We strategically equip and deliver organizations with funding for security and other upgrades to enhance their daily operations and programs.

Our Grant Writing team can help you develop a meaningful action-plan for what you are looking to accomplish with acquiring the security grant. It's our job to help you develop a strategic plan for achieving positive results, a source of funds for the project you have in mind and conducting the research and preparation to position you and your business or non-profit toward the goal of success. We consistently review proposal guidelines and help you prepare to draft your proposal.

Grant proposals are organized in distinct sections. With over a decade of experience, we're able to pinpoint the specifics of what's needed and identify the main elements of your proposal. Our Grant Management Team successfully composes these sections and documents to develop a plan of action to secure funding and collect your grants, leaving the rigorous process to our capable team.

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“You're brilliant and well worth the money. I should have hired you two years ago. We will definitely work together again very soon.”

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